Of Riding and Racing

Last weekend I stepped up to the plate and tackled my first MTB race in Colorado. Talk about nerve-wracking! So many unknowns- the state of my fitness and skill level (especially coming from Illinois), new terrain for me, unfamiliar competition and that whole altitude thing. I had learned about the Winter Park series (Epic Singletrack Series … Continue reading

The Big 4-0

I remember when my dad turned 40. It was kind of a big deal- black decor, a big sign on the garage and probably lots of good-natured teasing.  “Over the hill” sounded downright ominous to a kid. As you get older, the mere thought of 40 is enough to make you cringe (“EW, that’s sooooo … Continue reading

Three months in CO

I’ve got a CO driver’s license and license plate, so I guess that makes me an official resident, right??  Kind of.  I guess to complete my transformation I still need a CO flag trucker hat and a dog (neither of which is going to happen BTW). Haha. It’s been quite easy to fit in here … Continue reading


Wow, we’ve been here for three weeks already. Almost four actually.  And you know what? I feel like I’ve been here for much longer than that…because Colorado is such a good fit for us. In the last three weeks we’ve accomplished so much more than we ever did in  Chicagoland. I’m not exaggerating.  And we’re … Continue reading

How the West Was Won

Yep, this is a little overdue because we’re moving in two weeks. Let me backtrack to the spring- I posted something about choosing between Denver and Chicago (Oak Park to be specific), and wrote up a sort of pro/con list for each city. After some thought we chose Oak Park, met an agent and eventually … Continue reading

Ore 2 Shore & More

We planned our Copper Harbor trip with friends months ago, and at the time I was really fired up to race Ore 2 Shore, a 48-mile point to point race near Marquette, MI.  In fact, I had several races on my radar for late summer including ones in the Ozarks and Badlands. However, I stopped … Continue reading

“Just a Mom”

This conversation seriously happens on a monthly basis: Person I just met inevitably asks: “So what do for work?” Me, after an uncomfortable pause: “Um…I’m just a mom.” Then I blurt out “But I used to work!” and proceed to talk about my old job like I’m still working there to make myself sound interesting. Person: … Continue reading


First up- please excuse the way this post is written. It’s not that I have writer’s block, but I am just not motivated to put my thoughts into writing, if that makes sense.  So with that, I present to you… FOUR. My little baby bear/snuggle bug/sweet pea is four. Like I’ve said many times…I just can’t believe … Continue reading

Indecision 2017

If you haven’t picked up on the subtle hints by now, we’re moving.  As in, moving out of this ridiculously expensive rental house and going…somewhere. More specifically, Oak Park, IL or somewhere around Denver. I know for a lot of you this decision would be an easy one- I honestly don’t know too many people … Continue reading

Life & Stuff

It’s 8:20pm and I feel like we haven’t even started to settle down for the night. You’d think for a Saturday that we’d have our shit together a bit more, right? We just got back from the grocery store, I just had dinner, AKA is on her 5th meal of the day and Eric is juggling … Continue reading