Belize & Guatemala Trip Notes

Quite a few folks have asked about our trip, so here are the details.  A list of specific hotels, restaurants and guide services are at the bottom of this post. I should mention this upfront- Central America is not “cheap” if you are sticking to mainstream locations. Yes, can stay in a hostel for $10/night … Continue reading

Land Run 100 Recap

Land Run 100 is a relatively new addition to my bucket list.  A couple years ago I saw photos of racers walking through thick, goopy mud, carrying their bikes for miles at a time and their subsequent exploded drivetrains. And for some reason I thought “I want to do that!”. So I jumped on registration … Continue reading

Of Riding and Racing

Last weekend I stepped up to the plate and tackled my first MTB race in Colorado. Talk about nerve-wracking! So many unknowns- the state of my fitness and skill level (especially coming from Illinois), new terrain for me, unfamiliar competition and that whole altitude thing. I had learned about the Winter Park series (Epic Singletrack Series … Continue reading

The Big 4-0

I remember when my dad turned 40. It was kind of a big deal- black decor, a big sign on the garage and probably lots of good-natured teasing.  “Over the hill” sounded downright ominous to a kid. As you get older, the mere thought of 40 is enough to make you cringe (“EW, that’s sooooo … Continue reading

Three months in CO

I’ve got a CO driver’s license and license plate, so I guess that makes me an official resident, right??  Kind of.  I guess to complete my transformation I still need a CO flag trucker hat and a dog (neither of which is going to happen BTW). Haha. It’s been quite easy to fit in here … Continue reading


Wow, we’ve been here for three weeks already. Almost four actually.  And you know what? I feel like I’ve been here for much longer than that…because Colorado is such a good fit for us. In the last three weeks we’ve accomplished so much more than we ever did in  Chicagoland. I’m not exaggerating.  And we’re … Continue reading

How the West Was Won

Yep, this is a little overdue because we’re moving in two weeks. Let me backtrack to the spring- I posted something about choosing between Denver and Chicago (Oak Park to be specific), and wrote up a sort of pro/con list for each city. After some thought we chose Oak Park, met an agent and eventually … Continue reading

Ore 2 Shore & More

We planned our Copper Harbor trip with friends months ago, and at the time I was really fired up to race Ore 2 Shore, a 48-mile point to point race near Marquette, MI.  In fact, I had several races on my radar for late summer including ones in the Ozarks and Badlands. However, I stopped … Continue reading

“Just a Mom”

This conversation seriously happens on a monthly basis: Person I just met inevitably asks: “So what do for work?” Me, after an uncomfortable pause: “Um…I’m just a mom.” Then I blurt out “But I used to work!” and proceed to talk about my old job like I’m still working there to make myself sound interesting. Person: … Continue reading


First up- please excuse the way this post is written. It’s not that I have writer’s block, but I am just not motivated to put my thoughts into writing, if that makes sense.  So with that, I present to you… FOUR. My little baby bear/snuggle bug/sweet pea is four. Like I’ve said many times…I just can’t believe … Continue reading