MFG Race #3

I purposely postponed my biz trip departure date so I could race MFG #3, because it’s a course I won on last year. I should have noticed that they changed the venue (lost like all the other good ones I suppose) and it was going to be up in North Bend instead.  Shoot.  I signed up anyway and left Eric at home watching the Tigers playoff game. Going to a race solo makes me realize how important (and nice) it is to have a support person- someone to lug gear, spare bikes and 30lb trainer to the team tent.  And the all-important number pinning that you can’t ask a stranger to do because it’s a little to close for comfort if you know what I mean.

I arrived late OK, let me back up here. I didn’t want to race but Eric talked me into going, so I arrived late and had to park in the back 40. Not enough time to haul gear to team tent so I had to set up shop next to the car. After a ridiculously short warmup I shoved my race clothing in a bag and rolled up to register and change. Thankfully my teammate Michelle offered to pin my number, saving me the embarassment of doing a crooked job myself, or worse, asking a stranger for help.  I was able to ride about 1 min of the course before noticing that everyone was already liked up.  Well, this is going to go smoothly.  Lined up in the back row and thought about how I never get nervous at races anymore…pretty nice feeling actually.

And off we went- I don’t know what came over me but I shot forward towards the front of the pack.  Starts seem to be my only redeeming quality this season so I just kept accelerating and had some of the top girls right in front of me. Of course they pulled away after lap 1 but I just kept going- this blah, featureless course seemed to work for me!  I pushed through corners and the straights and picked off as many men as possible.  I finished 8/14.   Not bad for being completely unmotived just hours before.

This season’s all about fun for me.  I took too much time off the bike (and exercise in general) to be serious, but that’s OK- I’d rather give up a race to hike Kendall Catwalk in fall colors. Or go camping on a sunny weekend. I’ll worry about Cat 1 points next year!


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