November white, yellow gray white white

No, that’s not a typo. It makes perfect sense to me- November 1, 2011. Don’t you get it??

And yes, there are other crazy people like me- there is a “condition” called Synesthesia, in which people see numbers as colors and vice versa (there are many other types too). Example- I see a phone number as a string of colors. This has been happening for I don’t know how long…maybe it was brain-washing from Sesame Street or something.  But occasionally I notice that something tastes like the smell of something else. I recently ate pasta salad that tasted like the smell of formaldehyde (think: cat dissection in anatomy class). Needless to say I threw it out!

Sometimes the colors don’t sit well with me. Eric’s going to be 37 next year, which I see as yellow-blue. The colors don’t seem to go together and it’s not because I don’t like U of M. Weird, huh?

If you are curious about Synesthesia you can start with the Wikipedia page.


2 thoughts on “November white, yellow gray white white

  1. Well Karyn, we were the ‘poor’ family who didn’t have any colored refrigerator magnets!
    So, it was probably too much Sesame Street as you mentioned!

  2. I LOVE that you are a synesthete! When I tell people about it in class, they think that I am a nutter – but I always talk about you! All I can do is hear paintings…not exactly the same thing…

    So, tell me…what colors are the following numbers…just out of curiosity…

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