Get in shape girl


This commercial’s jingle has been stuck in my head for the last 20 years. Seriously! Especially when I have a bad workout which seems to be happening a lot lately. I have no energy whatsoever. I’m not falling asleep at my desk but I just don’t feel like doing anything, and when I do it’s generally not worth my while. I have been taking iron supplements for anemia but maybe it’s not enough? Coincidentally I’ve been feeling bad ever since we moved into this rental- I wonder if there’s some asbestos, lead or mold causing problems. Ugh. Weight is another issue. It really bothers me when people say I don’t need to lose weight…that usually comes from non-athletes and they just don’t understand. By Midwest standards I’m a model but here in Seattle I’m a moose. Need to lose the 5 I gained then another 5 to make “race weight”.

Seems like everyone is in full training mode- MTB and road race series start in only a few weeks here! Dude. I still don’t get why promoters hold events in the worst months of the year. Some say it’s so people can enjoy summer weather when it finally arrives for 2 weeks in August. I, on the other hand, am training to get back to square one- lots of core work, slow miles and mostly careful eating. I’ve been doing a lot of research into “clean” eating and the Paleo lifestyle. We plan to go grainless by the end of the month, and have been slowly removing it from our diet. It’s surprisingly easy except for breakfast- I am always running out the door and fruit isn’t enough to power my morning.

To be continued…


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