Today’s ride in pictures

I always wonder what road ride routes are like in other parts of the country. Are folks lucky enough to have bike lanes or wide shoulders? Are my friend’s rides scenic? Now you can follow along as I ride 50 miles from Issaquah to home in West Seattle. OK, so I didn’t start taking pics ’till I lost interest around mile 20-something…I think I was looking for an excuse to go slow.

This is from the restroom at Coulon Park. Really? I thought only prisons used single- square toilet paper.

This is from the I-90 lid looking east towards Bellevue. The pedestrian route is on the north side of the floating bridge.

Entrance to the 90 tunnel.

SODO and all it’s crappiness. Unfortunately I work here.

The port of Seattle

The last mile of every ride into West Seattle involves a climb. This is California Ave, the longest but least steep route. Legs not happy here at mile 49.

The great view just a few blocks from our house.


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