Posted in September 2012

At least I’m consistent!

Well, at least I’m consistent- took another 4th place finish today. That makes 3 in a row!  Today felt different though. First, I should mention that I don’t even consider Kari or Courtney (or Jessica) to be my competition. They are national-level racers and have demonstrated their potential to do much more than our local events (you … Continue reading

Always a bridesmaid….

Or should I say “always 4th place, never a podium contender”… I have a love/hate relationship with the Lake Sammamish course. On one hand I love the twisty turns, but like most people I really hate that long (50m?) beach run. This year it was nearly impossible to ride too! I won’t bore you with … Continue reading

SCX #1: Hot with a side of dust.

Ah, Steilacoom…everyone’s least favorite course. People used to dread the Knapp Time run up, but since that’s gone I guess people dread the long drive and inevitable traffic jam on the way home. Eric left at 5:30am to hike Mailbox Peak with the guys and made it home just as I was leaving. Good timing! … Continue reading

MFG #1 Race Report

Sunday was the first MFG race of the season. Big Finn Hill is defintely not one of my favorite venues, maybe because it’s always so dry and fast.  I give it a 6 out of 10, and that’s only because it has a lot of turns. Morning started out with a full night’s sleep (a … Continue reading

And so it begins…

Let’s face it, my 2011 cyclocross season was a total bust. I carried a lot of stress last year, had a long bout of insomnia and tried to increase my intensity to quickly. There’s no way to go but up, right? My short-lived summer was great- lots of long road and mountain bike rides, plus a … Continue reading