MFG #1 Race Report

Sunday was the first MFG race of the season. Big Finn Hill is defintely not one of my favorite venues, maybe because it’s always so dry and fast.  I give it a 6 out of 10, and that’s only because it has a lot of turns.

Morning started out with a full night’s sleep (a rarity anymore), but I didn’t pre-pack the car so I was running late.  Add in the fact that West Seattle to Big Finn via Lake City way is SLOW and voila- the only parking spot you can find is 3 streets away from the park entrance. Uggghhhh. I rely heavily on my trainer warmup and lugging my 25lb Kinetic to our tent was completely out of the question now. That thing needs to be carried with both arms! For a moment I thought about setting it up behind my car but figured the residents were already ticked at us for invading their neighborhood. So I grabbed my helmet and rode to registration, at least I could get that out of the way, right? Well, the first race was just finishing up and I realized this would be my only time to pre-ride the course. So yeah, I rode in my jeans and Chacos with my purse slung over my shoulder. Sexy! Registration was unforgivably slow…not going to say anything else about it other than it sucked.

I was not ready for the start and woosh! I watched everyone fly past me and into the left-hand turn.  After that it was all a blur while I fought to stay mid-pack. I will pat myself on the back here (another rarity) and acknowledge that I had a very clean race- solid handling and turns, no crashes or slide outs and didn’t fumble over the barriers. Yay for me! I finally passed Mel but she came roaring back at the very end. It came down a sprint on the road  but she got me by a foot.  That’s fine, I’m just happy to be competitive!


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