Always a bridesmaid….

Or should I say “always 4th place, never a podium contender”…

I have a love/hate relationship with the Lake Sammamish course. On one hand I love the twisty turns, but like most people I really hate that long (50m?) beach run. This year it was nearly impossible to ride too!

I won’t bore you with the details of my pre-race ritual, athough I can say I scurried to the start only to wait for what seemed like an eternity. Seems like MFG has’t been very reliable lately. The start was a long pavement section, and I hit the dirt in maybe 3rd or 4th and found my groove….until we hit the beach. I have not been running *at all* since my achilles are on the fritz and was hoping to ride it like in past years. Nope- the course was taped off so you couldn’t ride against the seawall. Darn. I stayed in the saddle for a few feet then grudgingly dismounted and ran. Trotted would be a better word actually.

As I was coming through the start line I about lost it when I saw that we had 4 laps to go. Really? 7 trips through the freaking sand?!  Again I won’t bore with a lap-by-lap analysis but I did manage to pass Kristen and Mel at some point. Eventually I saw them team up but I wasn’t going to give up my spot. Thankfully we were lapped by the men’s leader and I managed to hold my place finishing 4/13.

I’m VERY happy with my finish, not necessarily due to my placing but for those “small victories” during the race. One small victory was being able to “jog” the beach sections and not walk; the others I’ll keep to myself 🙂

Immediately after the race I shimmied into jeans (not easy when sweaty) and volunteered at registration. Now I know what the race management has to go though on a weekly basis (crashed computers). Great to decompress with teammates for a couple hours too 🙂

So after pizza and a cider I’m calling it a night 🙂


One thought on “Always a bridesmaid….

  1. Nice Job Karyn! However, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a cross Ninja. I never see you at the races even though I know you were there. Stop by the tent & say hi next time. 🙂

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