Hallo Deutschland!

In the past 12 months I’ve been to 3 different countries with Germany rounding out the trio. I will admit that Germany was not really on my top 20 list of places to visit (no palm trees or tropical weather), but hey, I’ll take a free trip any day. Don’t get me wrong- this a working trip with many more benefits than just a stamp in the passport.

I’m spending the week in Dusseldorf, which I hear was pretty much destroyed during the war. There is an “old town” but it’s really just made of replica buildings. However, this city is still full of European culture and that experience is worth the 14-hour trip alone.

My plane landed at ~7am and thankfully my hotel gave me an early check-in. So after a nap I cleaned up, made arrangements to meet my coworker and donned the “German uniform”.  Not what you’re thinking!  I swear every women is given this outfit at birth: skinny jeans, boots, cute jacket, and of course the all-important scarf. The scarf must be looped around the neck with the ends tucked in too.  I’m not joking- wear this getup and you’ll fit right in! Optional accessories include nerd glasses, cigarette, DIY blond hair and city bike.  Not a whole lot to report about my day other than some decent shopping and dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Saving the schnitzel for another day. Tomorrow’s show set-up is going to be challenging- if can make it through the next 24 hours I can enjoy the rest of the trip 🙂



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