You win some, you lose some

The last week has been just crazy. Every year I coordinate my company’s participation in a huge German tradeshow, and the 2 weeks leading up to it are extremly stressful. This year is a little different because after 5 years of planning it, I actually get to attend the show.   If you haven’t worked a show booth for 4 days straight, well, it’s kind of a drag.  Yes, I am in Germany but I don’t get to see much.  Anyway. Between the last-minute shipments, second guessing what I put in the first shipment, and general anxiety I am a total wreck. Oh yeah, and my 2013 budget is due next week too. Ugh!  I’ve only had two completely sleepless nights this week.

Saturday I had to work at a disability event from 10-2, then packed up my car and headed straight to Marymoor for Starcrossed. Not much to say about this race, but I mustered up a top 5 list of highlights/thoughts for you:

1. My race did not go well. 11/20. Should’ve been a few places higher.
2. Not sure what went wrong-even my remounts were off…
3. Brendan Connolly tried to give me a push… and then ran into the tape. Ugh! Sorry BC!
4. I miss the braking power of my clinchers.
5. It’s quite possible that I may only come as a spectator in the future, Did someone say beer garden??

In an attempt to find a silver lining in that dry, dusty cloud, I had a few small victories:

1.  Kept some key racers behind me
2. Didn’t crash in front of the beer garden
3. Didn’t cry on lap 3 even though I wanted to
4. Less than a minute off the leader
5. I’m tied for second place in the MFG points series (3rd for SCX series)

So there, I’m trying to be all positive and stuff.

I’m missing Silver Lake this week, unless my plane lands super early and I’m running on a jetlag high.  This week I’ll be lucky if I get in a few gym workouts, and maybe a cruiser bike ride along the Rhine.

‘Till next time…

Log run up at Marymoor


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