Posted in January 2013

Halfway there!

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks along- halfway there! Part of me finds this hard to believe. The last 20 weeks have blown by and probably for a couple reasons: 1. I haven’t felt pregnant until recently. Not having morning sickness or fatigue played a big part in that. It’s only been the past couple weeks … Continue reading

The pregnant cyclist

Hey, look! Another informational post about pregnancy! I actually came up with the idea for this post in tonight’s spin class. I’ve never known any pregnant athletes. I guess I never really thought about how women exercised during pregnancy and got back to race shape after birth. I’ve discovered you can take one of two routes: … Continue reading

You too can be pregnant!

If you have’t already heard, Ta! Da! I’m pregnant. Due to doctor appointments, crib shopping and haggling over names I haven’t had much time to blog. However, I did want to use this blog to give a PSA on the things you didn’t know (but wish you would have) about pregnancy: 1. Register your unborn (or even unconveived) … Continue reading