You too can be pregnant!

If you have’t already heard, Ta! Da! I’m pregnant. Due to doctor appointments, crib shopping and haggling over names I haven’t had much time to blog. However, I did want to use this blog to give a PSA on the things you didn’t know (but wish you would have) about pregnancy:

1. Register your unborn (or even unconveived) child for day care. I’m not joking. Here in West Seattle wait lists are 1-2 YEARS at the most popular facilities. Fun but annoying fact- siblings get priority so that’s why many lists are long.

2.  Don’t spend too much time browsing pregnancy/baby websites. They will make you think you’re doing everything wrong and that the slightest problem means miscarriage. Seriously, just call your doctor if you have a question!

You’ll thank me later for this advice!





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