Halfway there!

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks along- halfway there!

Part of me finds this hard to believe. The last 20 weeks have blown by and probably for a couple reasons:

1. I haven’t felt pregnant until recently. Not having morning sickness or fatigue played a big part in that. It’s only been the past couple weeks that clothes aren’t fitting well, and when I lean over I…feel…something…in…the…way. Oh, and let’s not forget the baby kicks which are awesome 🙂

2. I am just SO darn busy. I won’t lie- work is getting very overwhelming and dragging me down. So there’s that, and also all the baby-related tasks. I had NO idea that so much research and planning is involved! Like no idea.  Here’s just a sampling: find OB, tour hospitals, research/interview doulas, countless appointments, shop for gear, baby registry, scour websites, freak out over info on websites, sign up for 8 different classes, & plan maternity leave details. The list goes on and on but I have a handle on it. Don’t even ask me about the costs associated with these things though! We’re trying to fit all this in between work, biz trips, family visits and life in general.

I hope things wind down soon because in less than 5 months, life is going to be heck of a lot crazier!



One thought on “Halfway there!

  1. I agree — I will be 20-weeks on Wednesdays, and it seems like everything just flew by. But like you said, we’ve been so busy with all this stuff AND it was just a couple of days ago that my belly even decided to start looking even remotely pregnant. Another 20 weeks, except more pregnant feeling, symptoms, and the very heavy weight that you will carry along with you. Good luck!

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