Posted in February 2013

So long, fitness.

The other day I went on a walk down to Alki. On the way back I had the option of taking the big staircase or walking up Bonaire in the dark, and chose the stairs for safety’s sake. I used to run these at least 10x per workout. Now I can barely walk up them once. … Continue reading

Giving up.

I just let our real estate agent go today- we’ve officially called off our house search in Seattle. Technically we never have been able to afford the cost of living here, it’s just taken us 8 years to accept this. It’s a big pill to swallow. We don’t work for the tech companies whose hiring … Continue reading

Paczki-less in Seattle

Judging by the number of Tigers hats I see around town there must be a lot of Detroit transplants living in Seattle. Our numbers are clearly strong enough to drive demand for our favorite foods. Take that Seattle! We’re going to outnumber your crunchy vegan people soon. Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen around town: 1. … Continue reading

I love it when a plan comes together. Or not.

I kind of feel like my baby-related posts serve to educate people teetering on the brink of starting a family. In other words educating clueless people like me! I admit that I didn’t know that much about pregnancy/childbirth….then I started reading the dumb chat forums and found myself cringing with a look of disgust on … Continue reading

Of bikes and birds

Since I never talk about anything besides baby stuff anymore… First up- birds. Ugh. Daisy, being a cockatoo, is prone to a lot of infections. I mean, what do you expect when she walks on the bottom of her cage then picks up food with her foot? ‘Toos are also known for being snugglers, and … Continue reading