Of bikes and birds

Since I never talk about anything besides baby stuff anymore…

First up- birds. Ugh. Daisy, being a cockatoo, is prone to a lot of infections. I mean, what do you expect when she walks on the bottom of her cage then picks up food with her foot? ‘Toos are also known for being snugglers, and unforunately that closeness results in the transfer of bacteria from me to her. So, now she has a staph infection which requires oral antibiotics 2x daily. We already did a 10-day round of this about 2 weeks ago, and are back at it again for another 10 days. The process is as follows: sneak up behind bird, throw towel over her and attempt to swaddle while avoiding a razor sharp beak, then hold her lower mandible open while trying to squirt the goo above her tongue.  It never goes according to plan and we usually end up with medicine on the wall, floor, our shirts or her face. It’s really tough for us and I can’t imagine how Daisy feels.

So yeah.

Next up: bikes. I sold my mountain bike and am very glad it’s gone. It never fit in the first place and felt really ackward to me. Plus I really have no plans to ride trails until, uh, next winter so I’ll wait to see what Interbike has to offer in September. I’ve been riding on the trainer but I admit it’s not very comfortable anymore. Preggo news flash- hips gradually widen throughout pregnancy and now my saddle is less than comfortable. If I want to continue riding I might have to buy a new one and maybe a new stem to raise my bars up even more. $$$$! My riding has more or less turned into “riding”, or basically putzing at a very low HR. It’s more like “exercise” than anything else. Gasp! “Exercise” seems so boring.


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