Paczki-less in Seattle

Judging by the number of Tigers hats I see around town there must be a lot of Detroit transplants living in Seattle. Our numbers are clearly strong enough to drive demand for our favorite foods. Take that Seattle! We’re going to outnumber your crunchy vegan people soon.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen around town:

1. Vernor’s- I am not personally a fan of ginger ale but it’s still cool to see it in stores. Sold at both Safeway and Met Market.
2. Awrey’s baked goods- you have to look around but sometimes you can find their danish. Found at QFC.
3. Sander’s hot fudge and Bumpy cake- Woot! My personal favorite import from Detroit. I literally squealed when I saw a bumpy cake at QFC last month. Found at QCF and Safeway.

However there is one food still missing from Seattle- real paczki.

Now don’t get me wrong, a certain Seattle bakery has been making paczki imposters for years. Back in 2009 I saw a sign in Bakery Nouveau’s window advertising Paczki Day. Holy crap! Balloons and everything! I should have known better than to buy a Midwest delight from a French bakery. It was TERRIBLE, especially when paired with an overly-strong Americano. You know, since they don’t serve Maxwell House drip.

I’ve been faithfully keeping the Paczki Day tradition alive since I moved out west and getting by with Krispy Kreme raspberry-filled donuts. Not the best, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

Yesterday I was in Metropolitan Market and saw the larger-than-life paczki in the bakery case (from Bakery Nouveau). Do I dare give them another try? The Polish in me couldn’t resist. I bought the last raspberry one, looking all sad and lonely next to a gang of salted caramel ones. BTW- only a Seattle bakery would dare make a wonky flavor like salted caramel.

Drats! Disappointed again! The dense donut part was extremely dry and the filling was so tart it irritated my tongue.

Looks like it’s back to Krispy Kreme. Ugh.


8 thoughts on “Paczki-less in Seattle

  1. Feeling your pain here. This is my first Fat Tuesday since we moved here from Michigan, and the Paczki at Metropolitan Market were a huge letdown. My favorite has always been custard, and they someone managed to screw that up. Very disappointing. I hear you can mail-order good ones from Hamtramck bakeries, so I might look into that for next year.

  2. Found your blog by Googling Paczki Seattle- I am also a Detroiter living in the PacNW and have been in search of a real Paczki here for the past eight years. Next year, I think that I might have to have a few overnighted along with a few coney dogs. Thanks for the heads up about Metropolitan Market’s being dry imposters. You saved me a trip!

  3. I agree about the paczkis at Met Mkt. I spent a couple weeks, 10 years ago, calling all the various bakeries in Seattle. They all kept thinking I was talking about King Cakes! as if! Met Mkts don’t measure up, but at least they are not King Cakes.

  4. I too am a Detroit ex-pat here in Seattle. This is discouraging, but that’s not your fault, and I appreciate the warnings. So, mail order is the way to go, it sounds? Next year.

    I’m super thrilled to learn Vernor’s is available locally.

  5. another ex mi that misses his Paczki. At least top pot makes a pretty good fritters. I have also missed Detroit style pizza(buddies/ jets/ papa romanos).

  6. I felt the same pain until two days ago. There’s a polish heritage center on madison and 18. Stumbled upon it as they were throwing their annual bazaar.

    Picked up 10 authentic (plum filling, perfect consistency) paczki, a babka, poppy seed roll and aronia syrup. Paczki were handmade by a Portland baker affiliated with the center through the church and what I suspect is an army of polish grandmothers.
    Happiest east coast to Seattle transplant ever there was.

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