Giving up.

I just let our real estate agent go today- we’ve officially called off our house search in Seattle.

Technically we never have been able to afford the cost of living here, it’s just taken us 8 years to accept this. It’s a big pill to swallow. We don’t work for the tech companies whose hiring sprees are driving up the prices and demand, and we don’t have enough down payment to beat out investors and full-cash offers. More homes may come on the market, but as we all know people aren’t really selling because they overpaid for their home in the first place. So until prices go way back up there won’t be much inventory.

Sure, we could compromise and buy a 2 bedroom home, live in an undesirable neighborhood that requires private schooling, have 2-hour commutes, live in area that gets 2x the rain as Seattle, or buy a fixer that we could never afford to actually fix. Some people are OK with this; we are not. Call us picky.

I think the sooner we let this go the better. Every single facet of our lives is up in air and this is just one thing off our plate (for a little while at least). I haven’t even been able to enjoy my pregnancy because of all the stress and uncertainty…I just want to spend the next 3 months focusing on the positive 🙂


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