So long, fitness.

The other day I went on a walk down to Alki. On the way back I had the option of taking the big staircase or walking up Bonaire in the dark, and chose the stairs for safety’s sake. I used to run these at least 10x per workout. Now I can barely walk up them once.

It’s finally happened folks- I have lost ALL of my fitness.

3/4 of me is OK with this and the remaining 1/4 is rather sad. Ever since Baby A’s SUA diagnosis I have switched from what I consider “workouts” to just “exercise” even though my doc said I didn’t have to.  Not worth risking Baby A’s health. 

I guess at times it’s nice to just be active. You know, go for an hour stroll down to the beach and back, maybe grab a coffee, that sort of thing. Funny to think that this is what most people consider exercise! Far cry from hill repeats, 2×20 min intervals and threshold workouts. Funny to think that most people don’t know what those are! Haha. 

I did manage to do a 6.5 mile hike last weekend at Tiger. Not sure if it was the distance, the fact that it was on a trail, or what, I but I felt SO much better mentally. Granted, the hills were slow but whatever. Need to do this again very soon.

I think it would be a good idea for me to designate a race goal for fall or even spring 2014. Suggestions anyone??


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