Posted in March 2013

Weighty issue

I am not keen on admitting this, but there are times when I’m obsessive about my weight and shape. Not obsessive enough to go on wacky diets or starve myself, though. I’m more the beat-yourself-up-over-a-few-pounds-and-not-do-anything-about-it type of gal (as I OD on Easter candy). I don’t think I really felt this way until I moved … Continue reading

Silence of the [butter] lambs

My blog post about the lack of good paczki in Seattle received a whopping 400+ hits on Paczki Day. No joke. There is obviously a huge demand here folks! Maybe I should bring in a few old ladies from Hamtramck to bake for me next year. I see a food truck in my future… With … Continue reading

The sleep shuffle

Everyone’s been telling us to “sleep while you can”.¬†¬†Good advice, right? Easier said than done, at least for us! This is because of our nightly routine that I call the “sleep shuffle”. Bet you didn’t know that preggos past 20-ish weeks can’t sleep on their backs. This is because the baby’s weight can compress major … Continue reading