The sleep shuffle

Everyone’s been telling us to “sleep while you can”.  Good advice, right?

Easier said than done, at least for us! This is because of our nightly routine that I call the “sleep shuffle”.

Bet you didn’t know that preggos past 20-ish weeks can’t sleep on their backs. This is because the baby’s weight can compress major blood vessels and reduce the flow of nutrients.  Bet you also didn’t know that they should really sleep on the left side for optimal blood flow. UGH. Note- my OB said the right side is actually OK too.

So back to the sleep shuffle. A few weeks ago Eric and I grudgingly switched sides of the bed so I could sleep on my left side.  Just when I’m starting to adjust to this new situation a lovely preggo symptom shows up- hip pain. Imagine how your hips would feel after a 10-mile off-the-couch run.  The pain radiates from the socket and sometimes sciatica joins in on the fun. So I start using a pillow between my knees. And then a thin one under my belly for support. Aaaannnd one wedged behind my back so I don’t instinctively roll over on it.

Our queen-sized bed is getting rather small now.

Every night we build the “nest”- a carefully-laid arrangement of pillows and blankets that unfortunately only lasts a couple hours. Once the hip pain starts up the shuffle begins…all those dumb pillows have to be rearranged so I can flip to the other side. In the dark. At 1, 4 and 5 am. Poor Eric.

It’s not funny at the time but when I think about it the whole process is pretty silly. I need to buy one of those long body pillows to eliminate a couple smaller ones. Maybe a king-sized bed too!


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