Silence of the [butter] lambs

My blog post about the lack of good paczki in Seattle received a whopping 400+ hits on Paczki Day. No joke. There is obviously a huge demand here folks! Maybe I should bring in a few old ladies from Hamtramck to bake for me next year. I see a food truck in my future…

With Easter quickly approaching I thought I would tell Detroit transplants where to buy that salty, rye bread companion we’ve all come to know and love (and sometimes decapitate)- the butter lamb.

Yes, it’s a lamb sculpted from butter.


A few years ago I was hosting Easter dinner for friends and realized that I had everything but the butter lamb. Gasp! I literally spent the good part of a workday calling grocery stores, the Polish Home Association and even the cathedral in search of the elusive condiment. Nothing. My coworkers were intrigued and impressed with my determination to buy an animal sculpted out of butter. By late afternoon I hit the jackpot! You can buy them at George’s Deli on Madison (along with decent rye bread and tasty fresh kielbasa). 

So there you go. Enjoy!


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