Weighty issue

I am not keen on admitting this, but there are times when I’m obsessive about my weight and shape. Not obsessive enough to go on wacky diets or starve myself, though. I’m more the beat-yourself-up-over-a-few-pounds-and-not-do-anything-about-it type of gal (as I OD on Easter candy).

I don’t think I really felt this way until I moved to Seattle, which is funny because I wear so many layers it’s hard to see my shape anyway. In fact, one of my coworkers just found out I was pregnant today, probably because I’ve been wearing the same puffy down coat for the last 7 months (I rarely take it off even at work).

Pregnancy is not for those with self-esteem problems, let me tell you! Those weird side effects, weight gain and body changes can only make things worse. It’s taken six (ok, seven) months for me to come to terms with all this.  And then, last week, I see a headline on Yahoo! about some supermodel sporting a tiny bikini 3-months postpartum.

Cue the negative self-esteem!

I entered pregnancy blissfully unaware of the sometimes permanent changes that can happen to a woman’s body. You know, like stretch marks (not just on your belly BTW) or belly skin that never tightens up after delivery. This doesn’t just happen to the people that gain 100lbs either. Morbidly curious? Google the website called The Shape of a Mother. It’ll make you not want to have kids!  But it’s reality folks. To quote the website, the “post-pregnancy body is one of this society’s greatest secrets” and I couldn’t agree more!

That Yahoo! article, like so many others, really makes pregnant women & new mothers feel like crap. It seems like every other week some celebrity miraculously “bounces back”  to her pre-pregnancy shape in only 6 weeks, then models in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show to boot.  Yeah, we all know those people have chefs, personal trainers and nannies (maybe plastic surgery too) and yet we still feel bad.  For a “normal” woman the first six months after delivery are physically and emotionally demanding enough without the added pressure of having to look perfect too.



One thought on “Weighty issue

  1. Karyn, there is something beautiful about a womans body when they are pregnant, and even more so in the first 6 months after delivery. Embrace this time in your life.

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