Posted in April 2013

Heading into the homestretch

Wow. 33 weeks already. Seriously, where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday I was sucking wind at Starcrossed and wondering what happened. Ha!  Hard to believe that Baby A once resembled a teddy bear…with a tail: Now she looks like a mini-baby: At 33 weeks I feel like I’m finally getting used to … Continue reading


How did we end up with a cockatoo? Well, we had cockatiel Darwin (aka Little Bird) for years and thought the next logical step in bird ownership was to purchase a large bird. There happened to be a bird store in Bakersfield and one day they had two baby cockatoos- one was a lesser sulphur-crested … Continue reading

Pregnancy product review

Now that I’m almost 8 months along I consider myself somewhat of a pregnancy veteran. I thought it would be fun to review some pregnancy-related products that I’ve bought and also pass along some tips that I wish I knew earlier. Sleep I think the third trimester is nature’s way of prepping you for the … Continue reading

April showers

Coincidentally it’s raining as I type this. Usually I complain about showers. Not today my friends! Ok, well at least not in this particular blog post… We had our fabulous baby shower in Michigan last weekend. Due to our hectic travel schedule in March and the fact that I can’t really fly past 32 weeks, the … Continue reading

March Madness

How does that saying go? March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…or something like that. Our March came in like a lion and out like one too. Eric and I foolishly planned simultaneous week+ business trips. I guess we thought it would be better to be gone at the same time. Not … Continue reading