Heading into the homestretch

Wow. 33 weeks already. Seriously, where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday I was sucking wind at Starcrossed and wondering what happened. Ha!  Hard to believe that Baby A once resembled a teddy bear…with a tail:


Now she looks like a mini-baby:


At 33 weeks I feel like I’m finally getting used to the whole pregnancy thing. In fact I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I feel like everyone is rallying for us…I hope that the enthusiasm continues when we need a babysitter (hint)! Even random strangers have been saying “Congratulations” to me when I’m out & about. Fun!

Physically I am slowing down. Like big time. I look forward to getting in/out of the car and dressing myself like a normal person again. Putting on socks and shoes is a chore. All of the sudden I cannot walk more than a mile, and even then it’s at a true snail’s pace (45 min/hour). I’m taking strolling to a whole new level. Funny, I thought I’d be exercising ’till the end- how naive of me! Silly first-time mother.  It’s hard to explain but your body will tell you when it’s time to scale back- you just know.

Life has been pretty overwhelming lately. Work is hard- I need to finish projects before I go on leave,and  then do 3 month’s worth of work to prepare the office for my absence. Relaxing after work is a thing of the past- it seems like every night and weekend is a mad scramble of phone calls, moving stuff, shopping, planning, etc. It’s not like we left things to the last minute either. I would kill for a couple days in Hawaii right now. I am trying to “enjoy the moment” as much as possible but those moments have been few and far between lately (like 5 am when the baby is moving around like crazy. It cracks me up).

Out of this hustle & bustle came three major accomplishments this week:

1. Bought the new family truckster. We  brought our car seat with us to the Ford dealership and discovered that all 3 cars I liked are simply too small. Just as we were about to give up the sales guy suggested an Edge, which is in between the Escape and Explorer in size. Well, after a test drive we were sold. It’s the perfect size, has tons of space and ready for bikes 🙂  We are VERY happy with our purchase.

2. Garage sale. We just unloaded a TON of old stuff and it feels great to have an mostly-empty basement now.

3. Baby shopping trip. The nursery is technically functional with gear from our baby shower and is now stocked with diapers, wipes, baby wash, etc. Now we just need to do a little decorating.


So after this week I’m confident that we could bring home Baby A if she arrives early!

Unfortunately all of the good stuff happening this week has been somewhat overshadowed by a major downer- Eric and I have made the extremely difficult decision to re-home Daisy. Over the past year or so we’ve noticed a change in Daisy’s behavior as she’s becoming increasingly aggressive toward Eric. There is so much to write about that I created an entire blog entry dedicated to the topic- read it here. The whole situation breaks my heart and I am dreading May 5th.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll give more updates as time allows.


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