Weekend roundup

Last weekend was full of highs and lows. Rather than explain everything I think I’ll just post a list of thoughts and observations. In no particular order:

1. Seattle is so much better when it’s sunny and warm.
2. Seattle drivers panic in sunny weather.
3. Unexpected ultrasounds can be daunting (but all is OK).
4. Eric impressed me with his sewing skills on Friday.
5. Giving up Daisy was the hardest decision we’ve made to date.
6. Touching on #5, if that’s the hardest decision we’ve had to make we’re lucky.
7. Marination Ma Kai is one of my favorite West Seattle restaurants.
8. While not the most comfortable, riding a bike at 34 weeks preggo feels so liberating.
9. Took an all-day childbirth class and I still feel unprepared.
10. All of my shirts are pilled up in the front from rubbing my belly so much.


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