35 week update

Another week has come and gone. I feel like time is both flying by and standing still. I’m ready for Baby A to make an appearance, not because I’m uncomfortable or anything, but because I’m ready to start our new life. In due time I suppose!

We sure did a lot last week. The nursery is almost done, thanks to Eric’s painting skills and even a 2am cleanup session when he couldn’t sleep. On Friday my office held a little baby shower for me and later that day we took a newborn care class at the new hospital in Issaquah. Given that I’ve only held an infant a few times I found this class to be very helpful! BTW that hospital is ridiculous… Lululemon and $200 purses at the gift shop? Really?

I’ve been pretty reliant on Eric lately. He has to do pretty much everything- yard work, paint, lift/move big stuff for me, pick little stuff up off the ground, some cleaning (chemicals), laundry since it’s in the basement, etc. It’s hard on me mentally and wearing him out physically. I owe him big time, he’s been doing all this on top of craziness going on at work. I think I’ll go out of my way this year and get him a baby for his birthday 🙂

This new lack of mobility/ability has been interesting. As some of you know I work in the wheelchair industry, and over the years I’ve learned just how hard it is for wheelers to get around town (not to mention life in general). Maybe TMI, but while in a public restroom I had to struggle to reach the toilet paper because the dispenser was so low to the ground (belly in the way). If it was hard for me, it’s gotta be tough for the elderly or folks with disabilities. Getting in and out of the car is also difficult, the same with trying to close the door once I’m inside. Like many pregnant women my ab muscles have separated (it’s called diastasis recti), so tasks that require core strength are challenging. My issues are nothing compared to those of a wheelchair user but definitely an eye opener. Being helpless is no fun.

We got an update from the owner of the bird sanctuary. It sounds like Daisy is settling in and has been in a temporary cage with a male buddy who is kinda scared of her. They’re hoping to introduce her to the rest of the flock soon. After taking the newborn care class we realize that our decision to rehome Daisy was the right one. We decided to keep her cage in case we want to do some foster “parenting” in the future. The house has been pretty quiet. It’s been weird not having something to care for but I suppose that’ll change once the baby’s here. Daisy was like a toddler that never grew up- we were always cleaning up her messes off the floor, wiping food off her feet & beak, bathing her, etc. Little Bird has been a doll. We wonder if he’s happy to be the only child again.

So everyone has asking about Baby A’s name. Yes, we’ve picked one out. And no, we’re not telling, partly because we simply don’t want to and also because I am prone to changing my mind at the last minute. Let’s just says it’s not on Social Security’s top 10 list of names for 2012.

‘Till next time…


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