I’ve been asked a lot of random questions lately so I thought I’d answer them here.

Q. Did you pick a name?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you give us a hint?
A. Here’s a hint: don’t ask 🙂

Q. You’re all belly. What’s the secret?
A. Aw, shucks. That’s the best compliment you can give a pregnant woman. I think the key is good genes- I must take after my mom! Honestly though, I’ve lost ALL of my muscle so I think that’s why I still look small. My body composition has changed completely. It’ll be interesting to see where I am six months post-partum.

Q. What would I have done differently?
A. Gee, how much do you want to read? I’ll just list a few things:
-I wish we would’ve done this when we were younger. Life would’ve been a lot easier- less worries, more flexibility, more energy, etc. But we weren’t ready.
-I wish we could’ve handled the Daisy situation differently. It was like giving up our kid. I still get upset over this.
-I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time looking up pregnancy-related stuff online. Half of it’s crap anyway! So Baby A was diagnosed with SUA…I shouldn’t have worried ’till my doctor gave me a reason to. And I also worried too much about all the pregnancy side effects…that never happened to me (sheer luck).

Q. What did I do right?
A. Hard to say, we still haven’t seen the finished product yet! I’ll make another list:
-For starters, I’m glad that we took a ton of baby classes even though I don’t remember much now. Maybe I should pull out my notes and cram a little!
– I’m also glad that we made it back to Michigan for our shower- it was so great to see friends and family.
-Oh, I almost forgot about our babymoon in Hawaii! That was awesome.
-I’m also glad that I’ve managed to keep a “go with the flow” attitude towards pregnancy (for most part). Yup, I’m going to gain weight, I’m going to look different afterwards and my life is going to change drastically. Not much I can do about it. It may have taken a while to accept this but I’m not beating myself up now.
-Last week we had some photos taken on Alki- even though I feel like a moose I wanted to make sure we captured this time in our lives. Who knows, I may never be pregnant again. Here’s a preview from Dave Kronstad Photography:


Q. When are you getting back on the bike?
A. I’ve been asked this so many times, obviously from people who haven’t been preggo. Reality is, new moms shouldn’t do much of anything for six weeks. A lot of healing needs to happen! And I’m going to be extremely busy with a needy newborn! So maybe sometime in August. I’d like to race ‘cross but given that I’ve lost all muscle and fitness…not sure that’s gonna happen. Oh, and the thought of wearing Lycra is just plain scary. I was pretty naive to think that I’d be back on my feet within a couple weeks but I didn’t know better.

Q. How’s Little Bird going to react to Baby A?
A. He’ll probably mate with her baby shoes and stuffed animals. No joke.


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