Open letter to Baby A

Dear Baby A,

So…today’s Wednesday, which means I’m 3 days overdue now. Just thought I’d point out a few things…

  • You just missed our 3 days of summer weather. Now all those cute sundresses and onesies will have to be covered up with a hoodie and blanket.
  • If you wait until the weekend, I might have to embarrass you and ride in the Solstice Parade. Neither of us want that.
  • I’m using PTO this week, so when you’re sick later in the year it means Dad’s going to stay home with you. And that means watching baseball all day. You’ve been warned.
  • Dad and I are tired of fielding questions about your name and whereabouts. We keep telling people you’re on layaway. Eventually we’ll pay you off and bring you home.
  • The Rock & Roll Marathon is on Saturday and 99 NB will be closed. I really don’t want our birth story on the West Seattle Blog, thank you.
  • I have a new road bike and I’d like to ride it sometime this summer.
  • You know, I can ground you for being late.

Oh, what’s that, you want to tag along with me for a couple more days? Make yourself at home.  I’ll just be uncomfortable and anxious, no big deal. Just know you’re getting the boot next week whether you like it or not. Consider this an eviction notice.


PS-The good news is that you can’t read this, so I will say that I still enjoy having you around. You’re much more portable right now and I like seeing your little baby feet sticking out of my side 🙂


One thought on “Open letter to Baby A

  1. I say Ground her! She is late!! Eviction notice is definitely in order. Jonathan’s Grad Party is on Saturday and I want to congratulate your parents and want your mom and dad to be showing off baby pictures!!!

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