Posted in July 2013

One month recap

It’s hard to recap a month in the life of a newborn. So many changes for all of us. Amelia’s probably changed the least. Weeks one and two pretty much consisted of eating, sleeping, pooping and crying. Week three brought a little more interaction with us- she spent a little more time awake and alert, … Continue reading

Week three

So yeah, this post is a little overdue too. Refer to bullet point #1. Here’s what I have learned in the past week: 1. Caring for a newborn is more work than I thought. Amelia pretty much only sleeps or cries, and when she’s crying she wants to be held. I’m going to have arms … Continue reading

Week two

So this post is a little late- I have a good excuse, right?? Another week has come and gone. Where did the time go?  I totally get it when people say that kids grow up quickly…Amelia is quite different than she was even two weeks ago- her face is filling out with little chubby cheeks … Continue reading

You know you’re a new parent when…

I’m sure the Internet is full of lists like this, but here’s my version: You know you’re a new parent when… You have a full-color reference chart of baby poo in your kitchen You don’t know what day of the week it is You glare at people when they come too close to your stroller … Continue reading

Week one

Well, looks like we survived our first week as a family! We were told we could be discharged from the hospital after 24 hours, but it would’ve been late in the day and honestly we needed another night of rest. Rest is a relative term because someone is coming in your room every hour for … Continue reading

What’s in a name

Did you ever wish you had a different name? I remember I really wanted to be a Priscilla, then later a Samantha because all the rich girls in my horse books had that name. I really like Karyn now, even though it’s frequently misspelled and often times by people who should know better (no comment). … Continue reading

And baby makes three

I can’t believe that one week ago, about this time, labor started and baby Amelia was on her way. I was actually scheduled to be induced on the 24th at 7am. I was not looking forward to it since induction comes with a higher risk of interventions and C sections. We decided to make one … Continue reading