Week one

Well, looks like we survived our first week as a family!

We were told we could be discharged from the hospital after 24 hours, but it would’ve been late in the day and honestly we needed another night of rest. Rest is a relative term because someone is coming in your room every hour for something but never at the same time- check your vitals, check baby’s vitals, draw baby’s blood, give you meds, clean the room, stock the cart, and then a nursing shift change complete with 10-minute intro and plan for the next 12 hours. At least we could send baby to the nursery at night!

The first night at home wasn’t as chaotic as we thought it would be. In fact it was quite peaceful. Amelia didn’t like the crib or pack ‘n play so we took turns holding her all night. Zzzzz…

We had a couple breakthroughs on Thursday- we learned that she liked the car seat and also the vibrating bouncer. Woot! This meant I could shower! Yay for small victories. We also had a lactation consultant come to the house and it was money well spent. You would think that nursing is intuitive but it’s really not.

On Friday I felt like we emerged from the dark side. Everyone was happy, spirits were high and the weather was amazing. It’s been like that ever since. Amelia has warmed to the pack ‘n play so now we’re getting a lot of sleep and she’ll even spend an hour or so in the crib. We’ve ventured out of the house to visit friends, the park and Target (baby meltdown included).

We’re really lucky that Eric receives two weeks’ paid leave from his employer. I love having him home-we’ve had a lot of fun trying to figure everything out, from dealing with messy diapers to dressing a squirmy baby. I’m sad that he’ll be returning to work next week…I see a lot of lunch dates in our future.

‘Till next week!


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