What’s in a name

Did you ever wish you had a different name? I remember I really wanted to be a Priscilla, then later a Samantha because all the rich girls in my horse books had that name. I really like Karyn now, even though it’s frequently misspelled and often times by people who should know better (no comment).

So how did we come up with Amelia? We initially liked the name Kate, which I will openly admit is from the show LOST. As an added bonus it’s a family name on Eric’s side. Well, with all the Princess Kate hype I figured it would be very popular and I didn’t want people to think I named baby after some pop culture icon.

While in Hawaii we looked up famous women in history and one name really stood out-Amelia. The first thing that came to mind was someone with a sense of adventure. Perfect. This is exactly what we want for our daughter- we hope she wants to travel the world, try new things and love life.

As for a nickname…we don’t really have one. You can always call her AKA!


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