You know you’re a new parent when…

I’m sure the Internet is full of lists like this, but here’s my version:

You know you’re a new parent when…

  • You have a full-color reference chart of baby poo in your kitchen
  • You don’t know what day of the week it is
  • You glare at people when they come too close to your stroller
  • You can’t seem to change a diaper fast enough
  • Panic sets in after dropping the binkie at 2am…in the dark…
  • Your family room has been taken over by a giant swing, bouncer, car seat and stroller
  • You tell other parents way too much information about your delivery and breastfeeding issues…and don’t really care
  • Many things that you thought were important no longer matter
  • You fall in love at first sight
  • You totally get why everyone says parenthood is the best thing ever 🙂

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