Week two

So this post is a little late- I have a good excuse, right??

Another week has come and gone. Where did the time go?  I totally get it when people say that kids grow up quickly…Amelia is quite different than she was even two weeks ago- her face is filling out with little chubby cheeks and she spends more time awake now. She has also gained some weight and is now over seven pounds. She’s still my little peanut though 🙂

Eric is back at work already and my parents are here for a couple weeks. It’s the perfect transition…not sure how I’d hold up being alone right now (postpartum hormones are tough). Grandma and Grandpa are having a great time with Amelia, and I’m definitely enjoying two extra sets of hands around the house. Not to mention my mom’s cooking…

I’m starting to figure out the baby routine, which can be loosely divided into 3-hour cycles that go something like this:

-Spend up to 15 minutes trying to rouse sleepy baby
-Change diaper, because doing this after a feeding is just plain silly- baby gets all worked up and then won’t sleep. This might require a wardrobe change too. Or a bath if things are really bad!
-Feed anywhere between 10-30 minutes
-Put baby back to sleep or “play” ’till she falls asleep
-Use the next couple hours to nap, eat, do housework or run errands. Of course, that’s only if baby actually sleeps! If not then spend time going through your quiver of tools- bouncer, swing, rocking chair, yoga ball, walking, shhh-ing, cuddling, swaddling or whatever else you can think of to calm the kid down. LOL!

Repeat 8x/day.

Not much else to report. I’m anxious to start working out again but that’ll have to wait for a couple more weeks. Baby weight must go! Everyone has been talking about the upcoming cyclocross season but I’m having a hard time getting excited about it. Not because I won’t be competitive, but because I can’t wrap my head around training, planning a race day schedule around feedings or spending a cold, rainy Sunday away from home with a baby in tow. Blah. Priorities and interests have changed, at least for a little while. I will definitely make an appearance but probably not ’till later in the season.


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