Week three

So yeah, this post is a little overdue too. Refer to bullet point #1.

Here’s what I have learned in the past week:

1. Caring for a newborn is more work than I thought. Amelia pretty much only sleeps or cries, and when she’s crying she wants to be held. I’m going to have arms of steel or a sore back, not sure which. I think Amelia’s going through a growth spurt which may explain the fussiness and increased appetite (some of her newborn size clothes are too short now).

In my last post I talked about racing ‘cross; based on the last week I think I’ll be lucky if I lose the baby weight by October. This blog post took over a week to write. I just got around to giving myself a long overdue pedicure, which took place over two days. Text message reply time is averaging about 24 hours. My expectations for maternity leave have officially been lowered.

2. Newborns are like a ticking time bomb. You never know when they’re going to explode, literally or figuratively. My mom and I went out & about earlier this week and decided to eat lunch first since Amelia was sleeping. Once seated at the restaurant we found ourselves impatiently waiting for the server, food and check. Come on lady, can’t you see we have a 3-week old here?? Just as we were leaving she started to fuss- one explosion narrowly avoided. Whew! Then we headed to Babies ‘R Us and had an explosion of the diaper kind. Boom! It was not good. I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience.

3. You can’t do _______ fast enough. Fill in the blank with change a diaper, change a onesie (that has a billion snaps), unbuckle the car seat, etc. Why the hurry? Refer to bullet point #2.

4. Time flies. I seriously can’t believe Amelia is almost a month old! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and feeling her little feet kick me. Next thing I know she’ll be graduating from college. BTW I’m making a sad face right now. Refer to bullet point #7.

5. It takes a village… Eric and I do not have any family here and that is a total bummer. Having my parents here for the last two weeks makes me realize the importance of a strong support network. Fortunately we have some amazing friends that we can lean on.

6. Having a summer baby is awesome. Going for a stroll on sunny Alki sure beats one in the wind and rain! I’m so glad we don’t have to bundle Amelia in multiple layers and rain gear. It’s hard enough getting her dressed in a onesie! BTW- Eric and I both have summer birthdays and really wanted our child to have one as well, pretty much so she could have a cool birthday party 🙂

7. Postpartum hormones are for real. Crying for no reason kinda sucks. And while I’m usually freezing, hormone-induced hot flashes are miserable. I guess this is a sneak preview of menopause. Yay, can’t wait for that. Not looking forward to the postpartum hair loss either!


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