One month recap

It’s hard to recap a month in the life of a newborn. So many changes for all of us.

Amelia’s probably changed the least. Weeks one and two pretty much consisted of eating, sleeping, pooping and crying. Week three brought a little more interaction with us- she spent a little more time awake and alert, especially when lying on the changing table. We can’t figure out why she likes it so much- maybe it’s the contour or fuzzy pink cover.  Most of the cute pictures I’ve been posting to Facebook were shot there.

Then week four…big changes. My personal favorite is cooing, which is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. If you haven’t see the video check it out here.  It seems that Baby A’s eyesight is getting better- today I was standing about 2 feet away and saw her looking at me, so I moved a few feet to the right and her eyes followed me.  Cool!  She probably has better vision than I do. The sleep situation has definitely improved too, lately 3-5 hours at a time.  Pretty sweet!

I haven’t been reading many baby books but I should probably find out when the major developmental milestones happen. Like rolling over.  Amelia’s really active and today I swear it looked like she was trying to roll onto her stomach.  Her head was turned, eyes focused and right arm and leg flailing. She got halfway and flopped back over. Repeat over and over. She seemed really determined!

As for Eric and I, well, we’re still adjusting to our new life. Everything has changed for us.  It’s not bad though, just different. Here are a few examples:

-Eating as fast as possible…who know’s when it’ll happen again?
-Showering as fast as possible (do I really need to shave my legs today?).
-Being the last person to eat (me). I think of that line from A Christmas Story: “My mother hasn’t had a hot meal for herself in 15 years.”
-Sleeping in 2-5 hour increments. No biggie for me but I know Eric’s still getting used to it.
-Sometimes you have to resort to plan B, C, D or even E.
-No personal time for things like showering, exercise, and um, blogging.

I have to say my transition into motherhood has been anything but graceful. More like stumbling. Really- the other day I stumbled on a crappy West Seattle sidewalk and pushed the stroller into someone’s nice flower bed. Oops.

A few months ago I said that pregnancy is tough for women with low self-esteem. Well, so is parenthood! Here’s the short list of things I’ve struggled with in the last month:

-I can’t get through labor
-I don’t know how to hold a baby
-My baby cries every time I hold her
-My baby is looking at everyone else but me
-I can’t even get my act together to leave the house before 2pm
-I can’t do it all

I’m happy to report that everything’s improved…with the exception of leaving the house before 2pm. LOL! I’m still trying to tell myself that I can’t do it all…that’s a tough one though.

All in all the first month has been simply amazing, from the experience of childbirth to seeing Amelia smile and coo at us.  It’s crazy that someone so little can bring so much joy to our lives.

I have a feeling that going forward her changes will outpace ours. Look for 2-month update in late August (unless something cool happens sooner)!


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