Baby tears & diaper fears

Amelia is now six weeks old.  I don’t know why but I’m already sad about her growing up 😦

My mom sent over a picture of me at six weeks. Here’s a comparison:Image

Not really seeing the resemblance. However, everyone keeps commenting on her long fingers and toes, which are definitely a product of my genes. I just hope her feet stay small!

Back to the subject at hand. First up- baby tears. Earlier in the week I noticed that Amelia’s eyes welled up when she cried. Now she produces full on baby tears. It’s so pathetic, especially when she makes eye contact along with a quivering lip. Ugh! Note to future self- this is how she’ll try to con us into buying her a puppy. Must resist. Now, a pony on the other hand…

In other developmental news Amelia is also grasping things like my shirt, hair or necklace more often although not on purpose (yet). She’s also spending more time on her play mat and will entertain herself for up to a half hour. So yeah, that’s a half hour I can use to get stuff done. Sa-weet!

It’s funny, the minute Amelia “plays” or falls asleep I shift into overdrive and power through chores like a champ. You gotta make every minute count! I am also becoming quite the multi-tasker- I can nurse Amelia, talk on the phone via speaker and type out a text message with my free hand. Booya.

Now onto diaper fears. I can’t believe how many diapers we go through. Definitely feeling guilty about putting all this crap (literally) into a landfill. Not guilty enough to use cloth diapers though. Maybe it’s just our lack of diapering skills but Amelia also has a lot of blowouts. Poo can and will get everywhere- all over me and my clothes in an effort to protect the fabric on our nice rocking chair. Ugh. Then Amelia will seal the deal by sticking her feet right in the dirty diaper. Double ugh. Because of this I’ve adopted a rule of thumb- if a diaper change requires more than 3 wipes a bath is in order. I haven’t resorted to cutting off a onesie yet but I’m sure that’ll happen sooner or later.

Speaking of poo and digestive systems, we’ve been trying to figure out if Amelia has reflux (we’re on our second prescription), a dairy or gluten intolerance (I’m on a diet for 2 weeks), or if she’s simply colicky (I hope not). It’s one big guessing game. More to come on that.

I’m currently working on uploading a bunch of pictures from my pregnancy to Flikr. You can check them out here. Adding a baby album soon!


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