8 weeks and counting

Amelia is 8 weeks old and yet I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that she is ours. Like, for life! Crazy!

So, what’s new at the Abraham ranch?

1. Amelia is doing well for most part.  I’m pretty sure she is deliberately hitting & grabbing one of her toys- check out the video for proof. That’s it though, when she’s not sleeping or eating she’s usually crying or fussing. I’m not going to sugarcoat it- the non-stop crying really wears on my nerves. And poor Amelia, something is uncomfortable enough to make her cry all day. Hard to say what the problem is but I’m not really sold on colic. If it keeps up we’ll probably see a GI specialist next week.

Despite her discomfort she is still giving us lots of smiles and coos (on good days). I just love when she looks into my eyes and her face lights up. Unfortunately Eric gets home just as her crying is starting to ramp up.  If I can tell that Amelia’s going to be in a good mood, I hurriedly tell Eric to sit on the couch with the Boppy and plop her in his lap so they can enjoy some quality daddy-daughter time.

2. I’m in a total late-summer funk. I only have six weeks of maternity leave left and I feel like a kid counting down the days ’till school starts. Some women can’t wait to start working again but that is definitely not how I feel. It really bugs me that someone else will be caring for Amelia. ‘Nuff said.

3. Our relief pitcher (my mom) is coming back for a week in September. VERY happy about this!

4. We are going on our first family trip this weekend. We’re spending a night in Vancouver and then two nights up in Whistler, to support friends who are racing Ironman Canada. I just finished packing and our car is going to be loaded. I can see why people buy rooftop cargo boxes. 3 nights away from home…this should be interesting!


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