Posted in September 2013

Open letter to Baby A, part two.

Dear Baby A: You are now three months old. Everyone told me this would be the most difficult time, and we made it! It wasn’t that bad, right? Ok, so you had two brand new parents with zero child care experience (mom only babysat maybe 6 times…ever). You put up with ridiculously slow diaper changes, … Continue reading

12 weeks!

We’re just wrapping up our first 12 weeks of being a family. Baby A will be three months old on the 24th! Right now Amelia’s really working on coordinating her arm and leg movements. If I hold my hand above her she’ll slowly move her foot to touch it. It’s like you can see the … Continue reading

Riding the struggle bus

*Disclaimer* This post may seem pretty negative but let me assure you that life is good right now! I love being a mom. There will always be challenges but there are plenty of good times to offset them. If you’re paying attention you’ll notice this post was published late at night. Unfortunately the back-to-work anxiety … Continue reading