12 weeks!

We’re just wrapping up our first 12 weeks of being a family. Baby A will be three months old on the 24th!

Right now Amelia’s really working on coordinating her arm and leg movements. If I hold my hand above her she’ll slowly move her foot to touch it. It’s like you can see the wheels turning in her head.  She is also batting the heck out of her stroller toy and grasping things like her Taggie blanket…or my hair.  She’s also been putting everything in her mouth but seems to favor her fist the most. Needless to say everything gets covered with drool! It’s also fun to listen to Amelia’s baby babble which is getting louder as she discovers her voice. She’ll talk to anyone who will listen.

I’m happy to report that all of are getting a decent amount of sleep now. Usually we sleep for maybe six hours at a time but there have been nights with a full eight hours (or more)! Yay! We had a little regression last week and I found myself having to rock Amelia to sleep again at 2am.  Zzzz. I haven’t done that in a while and kinda forgot how exhausting it can be. But you know what? It was nice. Special, even.  There is something so peaceful about being in a quiet, dimly-lit nursery, swaying and listening to the sound of baby’s deep breaths as she falls asleep in your arms.

A number of folks have asked if Baby A is still dealing with digestive issues. Short answer-yes. We just weaned her off Prevacid at the doctor’s suggestion but she’s still arching her back a few times a day (classic reflux symptom). Might have to try something else. I have to admit my diet is getting much easier to tolerate and while I miss pizza, pastries, most Asian foods, processed stuff and eating out, it’s not all that bad. Great weight loss plan and easy on the wallet too. Oh, did I mention that I really miss pizza? I may be OK with the diet now but once “Season’s Eatings” starts I’m going to be very crabby.

My mom just spent 10 days here and boy, was it nice to have an extra pair of hands around the house. A big THANK YOU to her for cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, babysitting  and spoiling Amelia. I wish we lived closer…it would be so nice to have our families nearby.

Everyone says the first three months are the toughest and some experts even call it the “fourth trimester”.  Sure, it’s been challenging (on many levels) but not as bad as I had anticipated (and this is coming from someone with zero kid experience). I feel like Eric and I more comfortable as parents now and that Amelia is finally opening up to us.  We can’t wait to see what the next three months bring!


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