Open letter to Baby A, part two.

Dear Baby A:

You are now three months old. Everyone told me this would be the most difficult time, and we made it! It wasn’t that bad, right?

Ok, so you had two brand new parents with zero child care experience (mom only babysat maybe 6 times…ever). You put up with ridiculously slow diaper changes, clothes that were inside out or backwards and I think I dropped some crumbs on you a couple times. It could’ve been worse!

You in turn have tested us with a little scare during pregnancy, nights of endless crying and some pretty. nasty. diapers.

It’s ok though. As I sit here at 4am feeding you I look down and once again realize how lucky we are to have you. Watching you progress from a little blob of cells to a, um, little blob of baby has been amazing. Your tiny smiles and soft coos can light up a room. I cherish every minute because you will never be as small as you are on this day again.

I am clinging to your baby years right now but I’m so excited to see the person you will grow up to be. No pressure, but how about a professional cyclist? Amelia Abraham is a good podium name. Just sayin’. Better start working on those cycling muscles now. As your coach I suggest flailing your limbs and rolling over.

Oh, and that whole daycare thing? I’m sorry about that. You have no idea. I know it’s for the best but the thought of someone else raising you from 3 months really bothers me. You will have fun though, I promise. Just prepare for some serious snuggle time when we get home 🙂

I can’t wait to see what the next three months have in store for you. Just don’t let them go by too fast, ok?



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