Fruits and nuts

I’m talking about food, not people! Sheesh. Actually there is a very funny Bill Cosby skit called A Nut in Every Car– you should listen to it.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my diet. If you know me well then you probably chuckled when I said I was eating dairy and soy-free. No Doritos, McDonald’s or pizza? Must be a joke.

Well, it’s no joke that Baby A’s had some GI problems and one of the solutions is for me to clean up my diet. Milk (not lactose- totally different) and soy allergies are becoming more and more common in babies. Milk and soy proteins pass through breast milk mostly undigested and the molecules are so large that baby’s digestive system can’t handle them.

Baby A’s been tested and thankfully she does not have an allergy, but it’s suspected that she has a sensitivity that is causing GI distress. I say suspected because there is no diagnosis for a sensitivity, you simply do an elimination diet to see if things improve. I have been on the diet for a while and I do notice a difference with Amelia. So, I will stay on it as long as I’m nursing.

At first the diet was daunting. You have to become a serious label reader. Most “ingredient decks” specifically call out allergens, thus making choices pretty easy (i.e.- CONTAINS MILK AND SOY). So what can I eat?  The healthy stuff is really basic- meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and some grains. And of course I’ve discovered all the junk like French bread, dark chocolate and Franz molasses cookies.

Eating out is kind of a drag. Nearly impossible really. Salads are OK but dressings are questionable. Meats may have been marinated in soy sauce so they’ re usually out. Most sauteed items are cooked in butter. Needless to say we’ve been saving a lot of money the past couple months! Only two restaurants are a sure bet- Chipotle and Red Robin, of all places. Yay for bottomless sweet potato fries!  If I have a craving for something I have to make it myself which is pretty inconvenient.  I really miss Asian food and decided to make my own dumplings last weekend with ground pork, sesame oil and green onions. Time consuming but tasty! I still miss going to Jade Garden with friends though. Ugh. Maybe next year.

Making my own dumplings...

Making my own dumplings…

Believe it or not some good things have come from this lifestyle change:  1.) I’ve learned to appreciate the taste of food without a lot of additives and 2.) Weight loss- I’m now below my pre-preggo weight and 3.) I’ve learned to make healthier food choices. I gotta say that all the label reading’s been making me cringe. Soy proteins in store-bought kielbasa? Yuck. Dairy derivatives (and beef flavor) in McDonald’s french fries? Kinda nasty. Let’s not forget about other gross-sounding ingredients like cellulose gel,  mechanically separated meat and disodium guanylate (whatever that is). I can’t believe we eat that stuff! It’s so…unnatural. Next time you put a packaged item in your shopping cart read the label first- do you REALLY want to eat that? Didn’t think so.

Will I stick to this diet after I’m done nursing? I sure hope so, but I think it’ll be a lot harder when I don’t have to do it.  “Season’s Eatings” (the time between Halloween and New Year’s Eve) will be a little dull without fondue, cookies and Polish food. Um, can someone pass me the carrot sticks?


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