Back to the grind

Well, I survived my first week at work. Fumbled might be better word.

Just as I was getting settled into a nice routine at home it was time to change again. Of course this happens just as baby is starting to smile and interact with us. Fortunately I don’t think this new routine is going to change much for the next four years. Get up at 6, daycare drop off at 7:30, pick up at 4:30. Rinse and repeat. My coworker (who has a toddler) said, “It’s like she has a nine-hour workday at three months old”.  I’m glad I have someone to commiserate with. Misery definitely loves company.

The first daycare drop-off wasn’t as traumatic as I had expected. I’ve cried so much lately that I think I was simply out of tears.

I read somewhere that it takes the average woman four months to get back into work mode. I believe it. For me, there has been no gradual transition- it’s been go time from the minute I logged into my laptop. I think that’s making my new routine that much harder- not only do I not want to be at work in general, but being overwhelmed from the start is miserable. Plus I’m trying to condense all of this into a four-day workweek (I have Fridays off for a while).

There’s a lot of talk about women trying to have it all. It’s only been a week but I’ve already learned that it’s pretty tough to achieve. It’s tough being a mother, wife, career woman and have personal interests (like, um, exercise) without going crazy. Something will always have to give. I’ve already skipped a few workouts because I’d rather see Amelia after work- if we arrive home at five and she goes to bed at nine that doesn’t leave much mama- daughter time. Not to mention dinner, laundry, bills, spending time with Eric, etc.  If only I was as lucky as Marissa Mayer with a crib in my office, then I’d really be kicking ass at this “having it all” thing!


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