4 months, baby!

Another month has come and gone.

Amelia is thriving. It seems like she made the transition from newborn to baby overnight. Literally- she started crying during a diaper change one morning and Eric and I instantly noticed that the sound was different. The distinctive newborn cry was gone (parents, you know the one I’m talking about). She’s now wearing the 3 month-sized clothes that looked so huge back in June. And, of course, 6-12 month socks on her big feet which she kicks off within minutes.  She must take after me because I hate wearing socks too. We recently cleaned out her closet and I found myself stashing away some of my favorite newborn outfits. Like all of them. Ugh. I also packed away my maternity clothes which was definitely a bittersweet experience. Damn hormones!

I thought Baby A had hit a big milestone last week by rolling from her tummy to her back. However this only happened once and probably by accident so I won’t call it a milestone quite yet. She is really working her legs though- when she’s on her back she’ll kick them high in the air and touch her toys. Pretty darn cute. I think she’s also starting to figure out the basic concept of motion. I left her on the play mat for a few minutes and when I returned she had somehow moved over a foot away. Stinker.  She is finally OK with tummy time (in other words, not screaming) and it’s funny to see her neck all stretched out. Her head looks so big!  Baby A is clearly tired of laying down and prefers to sit propped up with a Boppy and be carried around in an upright position.  She’s still somewhat of a bobblehead but definitely getting stronger every day.

As a family we hit an unfortunate milestone- our first round of the dreaded “daycare illness”. Ugh!  Amelia had the least of it with congestion and a cough. I wound up with a fever and Eric just got over a really bad case stomach flu. And then we got food poisoning.  I wonder how many times we’re going to be sick this winter.

As much as I hate to admit it Amelia is doing well in daycare- she seems happy there and the caregivers just love her (who doesn’t?).  I am really pleased with our switch from Bright Horizons to the Inter-generational Learning Center, it’s been great so far. Amelia visits the nursing home residents daily and I know she brings them a lot of joy.

Like most working parents Eric and I are struggling to find balance in our daily routine. It’s really hard! If I thought there weren’t enough hours in the day before baby, there are definitely less now. When I get home from work all I want to do is spend time with the family and then get stuff ready for the next day.  Part of me wants to start training for a big event next summer but the other half says to hang up the bike for a while.  We’ll see.

‘Till next month!



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