Mama drama

I’ve been dealing with some mama drama. The best way I can explain it is a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Remember those Calgon commercials (“Calgon, take me away!!!”)? I totally sympathize with those women.

Here’s what set me off last week:

  • Work is insanely busy (for me). I personally find pumping to be a distraction and when it’s all said and done, a week’s worth of pumping equals a full work day. So between that and taking Fridays off I’ve only got 3 days to do 5 days’ worth of work. Plus my company is going to be “restructuring” soon and morale is pretty low right now. Blech.
  • My physical therapist is putting a damper on my plans to get back in shape. I told her that I’ve been lightly jogging stairs and she frowned. Probably works my obliques too much, which in turn pull my abdominal muscles apart. Ok, scratch that. How about starting a weight routine? More frowning. Then I tell her about my plans for a big race next summer. You guessed it, another frown. Probably not a good idea to train hard right now. Oh, and by the way, how will I manage long rides if I’m nursing? Dammit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and completely trust my PT- she’s a postpartum expert. I just don’t want to admit that she’s right.
  • My diet is starting to be a total drag. I really miss going out and socializing over a meal.  The foods I can eat taste 10x better at home when I can control the ingredients, and cheaper too. Why pay $13 for a plain salad when I can make one at home? I hate being the reason why everyone has to alter their meal plans. I hate being the PITA customer asking a billion questions about the menu. I know I won’t be doing this forever and it’s best for baby, but still…
  • I’ve been incredibly forgetful lately. It’s not like me to pass over thank you notes, emails, bills, chores, house keys, etc.
  • I’m having a hard time managing the day-to-day. Here’s how a typical day goes: wake up, feed baby, shower/dress for work, commute, work, commute home after picking up baby, feed baby, play with baby, chores, dinner, feed baby, sleep, feed baby, sleep. Repeat. I really wish I had more time to focus on Amelia.
  • Lack of personal care beyond showering and brushing my teeth. The best I can do is to keep my fingernails trimmed and filed. Seriously, that’s it.
  • Frustrated because I had a setback with my diastasis. A few weeks ago I had a nice case of food poisoning and apparently throwing up for hours put a strain on the abs. Now the gap between my muscles is wider. Plus I’ve got another cold and the coughing/sneezing/nose blowing is straining my abs even more. Ugh.

That’s it, or at least what I care to share with my loyal readers. I know some of these challenges will eventually subside, some will stay constant, and down the road new ones will be added to my plate. There’s no such thing as a perfect mother and I really admire women who handle the ups and downs of motherhood with grace. Gives me something to aspire to!


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