5 months young

Amelia turned 5 months young today!  I can’t believe how quickly the months have blown by.  This time last year we were just breaking the news to my very shocked parents…haha.

What’s new with us? Well, we’ve got one ridiculously cute girl on our hands. She is SO happy. I remember how much she cried from months 2 to 3 and am amazed at the change in her personality. The first thing she does in the morning? Smile. When a stranger stops to talk to her? Smile. After a 3 am feeding? Smile.

She makes ME smile.

Don’t get me wrong- there is plenty of crying but it’s usually for a reason, and we’re getting pretty good at figuring out her body language. Overall she is just a sweet little girl. I was just telling Eric that I feel she went through some sort of change in the last couple days- she is reaching for things (our faces, hair, toys, etc.), turning to find toys and even seems more snuggly. It’s great. She even rolled over twice today while doing a video chat with my parents. As of last Friday she weighs nearly 15 lbs and is 25.5″, so still a little peanut. Despite her small size she’s finally starting to get those cute rolls on her thighs (better her than me).

The biggest milestone of the month? Solid foods! Ok, so Stage 1 baby food is mostly liquid but it’s been fun watching Amelia taste something new. Not to mention eat from a spoon…she’s still a little confused. So far we’ve tried rice cereal and peas and she appeared to enjoy them (I wouldn’t eat the peas if you paid me $100!).  Now I understand why we received so many bibs and burp cloths at our baby shower.

I’m learning that every milestone seems to have a little “Mama trade-off” though. It hurts a little knowing that Baby A’s not totally dependent on me for food anymore. Bracing myself for the day she weans… 😦   I think about all the other bittersweet milestones to come. Gulp. Boy, I wish I would’ve known more about the emotional roller coaster that is parenthood. Anyone have a good therapist?

Speaking of parenthood…I feel like we’re really just getting started. The first couple months of a baby’s life are all about providing the basics- food, shelter, comfort and love.  It’s a totally different ballgame now. Amelia is absorbing everything like a sponge. I guess that means I should curb my swearing, right?  Really though, we’ve been having a blast watching her acquire new skills and are always wondering what’s next.

We’re headed back to Michigan for the holidays. It’s going to be great- we can’t wait to see everyone. Between the grandmas and newly-introduced family I don’t think Eric and I will hold Amelia for the entire 10 days. We’ve got a huge list of things we want to do like visit Greenfield Village, Bronner’s (duh!) and ice skate in downtown Detroit.  Unfortunately…………………………Amelia’s GI specialist told me to stick to the dairy- and soy-free diet for another couple months. Just thinking about all the Bates Burgers, pizza, Coney Islands, Xochimilcos, Tim Horton’s, Dan’s Subs, Zhenders, pierogis, kielbasa, Michigan Brand cottage cheese, paczki and mom’s cooking I have to miss brings a tear to my eye. If I can make it through the trip without straying from my diet I deserve a frickin’ award. Like a trip back to Michigan in June so I can eat my way through metro Detroit. On the bright side I just might be the only person who doesn’t gain weight over the holidays!



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