Six months!

Ok, so I’m over a week late posting this. Hard to find time to write when you’re on a whirlwind holiday tour of Michigan. Our trip was great BTW, too short as always but we did get to see a lot of family and friends. Amelia made out like a bandit- I think she now owns more clothes than I do and the number of light-up/musical toys tripled. Eric’s already had some choice words as he struggled to open the battery box on one of her gadgets. I’m afraid this is only the beginning…


“Wow, did you go on an expedition to Antarctica?” “No- Detroit”.

Amelia turned six months old on Christmas Eve. You know that song All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth? Well, she got them! One bottom tooth made its appearance right when we arrived in MI and the other started poking through a few days later. And yes, teething is all it’s cracked up to be- gnawing on anything within arm’s reach, wailing and interrupted sleep. Poor little girl! Poor us too, we’ve been getting up 3-5x/night to deal with this nonsense.

If you’re one of my Facebook “friends” then you may recall my post about the whole “Cry it out” sleep training method. Well, all of our hard work went down the drain since Amelia had a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings and time zone during our trip. It was like having a newborn all over again. Eric and I have been total zombies from the lack of sleep. So, this weekend we’ll all be crying it out again. Ugh. Just how I want to spend my Saturday night.

So….I have to ask- did someone feed my baby Miracle Grow??  Seriously. The last two weeks have been crazy- teeth growing, sitting unassisted (for most part), reaching for us, actually playing with toys and pouting when we take them away. Her development is unbelievable. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to go. But still, it’s amazing to me.

While there’s no sign of crawling in the near future I suppose we should think about baby-proofing pretty soon.Given how fast she is changing you just never know! Currently our house is a curious baby’s dream- tons of fragile glass and pottery, items of high sentimental value and plants in every room. Oh, and don’t forget about Little Bird- the ultimate noise-making toy. He’d better stake out some hiding places; I have a feeling that Amelia’s going to find him very interesting, especially his tail.

Well, that’s it from here. Short and sweet (just like our little girl).



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