It’s all uphill from here…

I’ve been a total slug since I went back to work. It’s hard to find time and energy after a stressful day at the office- you’ve got to factor in nursing, dinner, playtime, chores and getting ready for the next day. It’s taken three months, but I’ve finally realized that the only time I can really work out is around 8pm when Amelia goes to bed.  However by 8pm I’m in comfy clothes, full from dinner and in the midst of washing bottles…not exactly in the mood to exercise. So I usually don’t. In fact I’ve been going as long as 2 weeks without so much as walking around the block.

My body feels so weak and sluggish. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this out of shape…maybe when we moved to California? It kind of blows my mind. I didn’t even develop the amazing “mommy arms” that so many women are blessed with…I still have my chicken wings. Last night I went to a spin class at the gym, and since I was running late I didn’t get a chance to raise the handlebar as high as I normally set it. By the end of the class my arms were practically shaking. No joke.

Enough of this nonsense. The only way I’ll get off the couch is if I have something to train for. CX season came and went so it looks like my only option is a mountain bike race. I had the perfect one in mind and registered last weekend. So without further ado, I’m headed back to Michigan in June to race the Lumberjack 100! Yikes. My goal is to finish…and not get eaten alive by mosquitos. I guess I should probably buy a mountain bike soon, eh?

The race is just one reason to go back to Michigan. I’m excited to have another opportunity to see family and friends, plus we can celebrate Amelia’s first birthday while we’re there. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, fit in a trip to Cedar Point too. We haven’t been there since the Millennium Force opened in 2000 (which was closed due to a lightning strike). Ugh.

Fun stuff aside, I have some serious training ahead of me. It’s all uphill from here!


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