Open Letter to Baby A, part three

Dear Baby A,

It’s 9:45pm and you’re sound asleep in my arms. I’m not supposed to allow this, you know. “They” say Dad and I should let you “cry it out” so you learn to sleep through the night. We tried it last month and it actually worked but our trip to Michigan messed things up. I guess different time zones, different cribs and teething will do that to you! The last month was pretty rough for Dad and I- we haven’t slept that little since you were a newborn.

As great as “cry it out” worked last month, I’m not in a hurry to try it again. I like rocking to you sleep. I like feeling your weight in my arms. I like hearing your deep breaths as you drift off to dreamland. If I give that up now who knows when it’ll happen again- you’re already getting squirmy and would rather sit on the floor than in my lap. And given your budding curiosity I think you’re only going to want more independence. I can’t keep you a baby forever but I don’t have to speed things up either.

So, maybe we’ll let you cry it out next month. Or maybe not.



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