Seven months!

Gee, time for another monthly update already.  I can’t believe it’s the end of January. I am pretty worn out so I’ll keep this post simple with a few quick stats:

  • Over 27″ long
  • 15 lbs. 12 oz. as of last week
  • Two lower teeth
  • Fuzzy “baby bird” hair growing in- not sure if it’ll be brown or blond though
  • Reaching for toys but occasionally leaning too far and toppling over
  • Not crawling but she did scoot a little last weekend. She hates being on her stomach!
  • Enjoys standing with our assistance
  • Eating “stage 2” foods and seems to like most everything we give her. Peas included.
  • Still not sleeping well…ugh. We haven’t slept for more than 4 hours at a time since the holidays.
  • Daycare germs are thriving in our house- last week it was RSV and ear infections, and now both Eric and I have colds
  • I swear she’s trying to say “mama” 🙂
  • Current favorite toys- rattle, measuring cups, teething ring and my foam roller

That’s all I have time for. ‘Till next month!


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