Life with a 9-month old

I meant to write baby’s 9-month update like 2 weeks ago. Now it’s already the 6th. Again, where did the time go? I measure time differently as a parent- all I seem to notice is that baby’s getting older…but I’m 9 months older too! Ugh. 36 is sneaking up on me quickly.

Lately life seems to be centered around the concept of time management and task completion. Parents, do you feel the same way? Racing against time in the morning before work, time standing still at work, racing against time to pick up baby, mealtime(s), bedtime(s), an hour for exercise, you get the picture. All I focus on is getting through one task to so I can get started on the next. It’s a never-ending cycle. This weekend was interesting- E is in China for work and I’m doing the solo parenting thing. I thought being home on maternity leave was tough. Ha! Now baby has 3 meals/day that need to be prepared, snacks, naps, messes to be cleaned up, extra dishes to be washed and a couple wardrobe changes/day. Oh, and she’s just starting to form baby-sized opinions too. Wah! I don’t want my diaper changed. Wah! Don’t take away my annoying musical toy. Wah! I really want to keep pulling up the heater vent and you won’t let me. Wah! I just got you to pick me up, sucker! Phew! Kudos to stay-at-home moms who do this every day.

Life with a 9-month old isn’t that much harder than, say, life with a 2-month old. It’s just different. In my opinion there are a few milestones that make life easier. One is when baby can hold her head up, because then you don’t stress so much and you can carry her upright. The other is when she can sit up on her own. Crawling is a milestone but definitely not an “easy” one. Funny how parents want their kid to crawl so badly, then when it happens they’re like “crap”. Amelia just started crawling a couple weeks ago and she’s explored the house some, but for most part she stays put and doesn’t get into too much trouble. We took all the necessary baby-proofing precautions to be safe though.  There must’ve been a major development upgrade going on because in addition to crawling she seems more aware that we’re her parents. When I pick her up from daycare she comes crawling over and when we play she comes over for snuggles. It’s pretty darn cute. Baby’s ROI is improving!

One part of my life just got a LOT easier- I’m not on the dairy-free diet anymore! We’ve been slowly introducing dairy into baby’s diet and she seems fine. While I’m happy that baby doesn’t have an allergy or intolerance I’m struggling to keep my diet in check. Last month I was in Vancouver for work and I think I put an inch of butter on everything LOL.  It’s really nice having choices now- it doesn’t necessarily mean I eat something junky, but it’s nice know I can if I want to.  Thank you to everyone who accommodated my diet over the last eight months 🙂

Another part of my life got easier too- I dropped out of the Lumberjack 100. It was stressing me out. I was naïve to think that I’d have time to train. Shit, I’m still trying to figure out how to manage work and family life.  A lot of people have said, “Why don’t you train for something shorter?”.  It doesn’t matter if I was racing a 30- or 100-miler, I’m just not into it. I can’t wrap my head around things like HR zones, watts and tire pressure selection. That kind of stuff seems SO foreign to me now. This summer I will ride for fun and fitness but not to train. I hope to get back in the game for CX season…to be continued.

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